Desert Safari to Alasfar Lake


Desert Safari to Alasfar Lake is an exciting fun activity catering to all age groups. It's the perfect way to enjoy the lake in the middle of Sand Dunes. The lake is a natural reserve on an area of 326 million square meters, contributing to supporting the conservation programs of the green Al-Ahsa oasis accredited by UNESCO. There are many colors and variations of nature inside or around the lake, and green spaces include trees, desert plants, and rich and varied wildlife.

What is Included

The trip starts in Al Hasa only. Vast wide open spaces, fresh clean and Instagram worthy landscapes surrounded us. Drifting, sliding, and crashing over dunes as you clung to the handles and each other. The cars are filled with screeches of delight and nervous giggles as the adrenaline kicks in. Just as you thought you were in the climax of the ride.

The Desert Safari trip will give you an amazing, refreshing, and unforgettable time in the quiet desert of Arabia.

How to Reach

To book a slot or get additional information please email us on or call or WhatsApp us on 0503222972.